Support Services

Unisight Technical Support is available Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm MST, excluding holidays.

Techical support services are offered in English only.

Techical support is for support only and does not have access to financial information such as pricing or availability.

If you are and end-user using the Unisight suite of video management software applications and need support you must first contact your Integrator/Dealer who you purchased your system from. Your Integrator/Dealer will in turn contact Unisight if they require our assistance.

Internet connectivity may be required for remote support sessions and will be facilitated through the Unisight Remote Support application. Services such as LogMeIn, Skype, TeamViewer, MSN Messenger, ShowMyPC, etc. cannot be used due to commercial license requirements.

Support Qualifications

Techical support is only offered to our direct customers (Integrators or Dealers), or to customers who have purchased a support license from Unisight.

If you have obtained Unisight software/hardware from a third party you may still qualify for Techical Support by purchasing a support license from Unisight.

Support for third-party hardware or software is not provided by Unisight. Third-party hardware or software includes, but is not limited to modems, routers, web browsers, firewalls, anti-virus, smart phones, etc.

When contacting Unisight Support you may be required to provide the serial number of the system, the version number of the Unisight software or model number of the video encoding device. Please have this information available before contacting Unisight Support.

When contacting Unisight Support you may be required to identify yourself by providing your name, contact number, company, etc.

Systems that fail due to virus are not covered under the warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide adequate protection to your system. Systems that are RMA'd due to virus will have an invoice issued for the repair work that must be paid before the system ships back to you.

Software Upgrade Eligibility

Software updates within the same platform are free at all times.

Software upgrades between different platforms (example: Professional to Enterprise or Standard to Professional or Standard to Enterprise) will require you to purchase a software license for each video processing device on the desired platform.

Video processing devices that have failed and have been replaced by the same make/model video processing device will require a new software license and can be obtained at no additional cost if a verifiable RMA number from the video processing device's manufacturer is provided.

Video processing devices that have failed and have been replaced by a different make/model video processing device will require a new software license to be purchased.


RMA number will be issued within 24 hours upon receipt of completed RMA Form to Unisight RMA Department.

Print RMA number clearly on all mailing labels and exterior shipping container and include this completed printed form with the shipment.

The RMA number will be voided and the item(s) will not be accepted if the item(s) to be returned are not received within fifteen (15) days from the date the RMA number was issued.

Failure to follow any of the above policies and procedures will void the warranty service on your RMA.


Unisight warrants its systems/components based on a standard 1 year depot warranty. Warranty will be voided if merchandise shows signs of physical damage.

Unisight standard shipping includes UPS/FedEx ground services.

RMA department cannot cross-ship if the customer has outstanding unreturned merchandise.

If a cross-shipped product is not returned to Unisight within twenty-one (21) days Unisight is authorized by customer to charge customer's account for replaced unit.

Credit is only approved for unused items in original packaging up to thirty (30) days from date of purchase. No advanced replacement is allowed after this time.

Customer is responsible for shipment of RMA item(s) back to Unisight.

All products returned for repair or replacement must be properly packaged in original manufacturer packaging to prevent damage during shipping, and avoid additional charges.

Unisight is not liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages: including lost profits, downtime, goodwill, damage to or replacement of equipment and property.