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Frequently Asked Questions?

This is where you'll find answers to your common questions. Our FAQ will be the quickest way to your answer: no calling in, no sending emails, just answers immediately at your fingertips 24/7.

What is the default password?

What is the default IP address?

Will Unisight support me?
We support our customers: Unisight customers being the integrators & dealers we supply products to. Over time our support technicians will build a repertoire with your install/service technicians and can quickly solve issues side-by-side.

As an end-user who buys from an authorized Unisight integrator or dealer you will receive technical support through the company that you purchased your products through.

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Can Unisight remotely access my system to assist in troubleshooting?

Yes! This is done through the Unisight Remote Support application platform. When you run the application it will display an ID number and password that you must relay to your Unisight Support Technician.

Note: due to commercial license requirements, Unisight cannot utilize applications such as Team Viewer, Log Me In, etc. - while these may be free for personal use Unisight is a commercial business and adheres to exceptional moral standards.

How do I tell if my device is registered and licensed with the Unisight VMS?

If you see a white circle with a dash through the middle Θ in the channel status indicator it means that channel is not registered.

You can also manually check via the following procedure(s).
If Using Storage Center:
Open C:\UnisightSoftware\Security\REG\_UNREGISTERED_*.txt, if you see a UID listed for your device that means it is unregistered or the license couldn't be activated.
If Using Client:
If C:\UnisightSoftwares\Security\REG\*_LIST_UN_*.txt exists it will list the UID and means it is unregistered or the license couldn't be activated.

*Note: if you have not installed the license file then none of your device's licenses will be activated even if they are registered.


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