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HDCVI Cameras: Fixed Lens

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Image: Model: Lens: Resolution: Ratings:
HC-2BL-F36-SA 3.6mm 1920x1080,2MP IP67
HC-2EB-F36-SA 3.6mm 1920x1080, 2MP IP67
HC-2DM-F36-SA 3.6mm 1920x1080, 2MP IP67,IK10
HC-4BL-F36-SA 3.6mm (2.8mm, 6mm, 8mm Optional) 2688x1520, 4.1MP IP67
HC-4EB-F36-SA 3.6mm (2.8mm, 6mm Optional) 2688x1520, 4.1MP IP67
HC-4DM-F36-SA 3.6mm 2688x1520, 4.1MP IP67, IK10
HC-8BL-F36-PA 3.6mm 3840x2160,8MP IP67
HC-8DM-F28-PA 2.8mm 3840x2160, 8MP IP67, IK10