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Advanced Development

We are a creative organization focusing on VMS, surveillance hardware, & developing customer relationships. Primely positioned between sophistication and simplicity.

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The Beginning

Unisight Digital Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in the development of software for digital video surveillance systems since it was established in 1998. When PC based video capture cards were first introduced on the market, Unisight was there - offering our DVR software. When the industry moved into the world of IP, we had already adapted to this forseen change. From the very beginning Unisight has always prioritized customer needs. With our unique position in the industry we have established outstanding manufacturer relationships and provide product flexibility to help your business attain a strong presence in the security industry.


The Future

Looking Forward

As technology evolves, so do Unisight's software visionaries who continue to dedicate their intuitive reasoning which allows them to produce the most versatile surveillance solution available on the market today. Unisight has proven to be a stable company for the past 20 years, and has only grown in that time. We're excited to find out what the future will bring - volumetric holograms, neural interfaces, or something as yet unconceived...



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