Hybrid DVR

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Hybrid DVR
The Server software accepts the encoding video streams (either from analog capture cards or IP video encoding devices) and writes the streams to the storage partitions. Included features, such as Live Preview, Playback and Backup are available for streamlined troubleshooting making support a simplified process.
The Server can operate in three modes: analog only (DVR), hybrid (HVR) and IP only (NVR). When operating as a DVR the Server uses capture cards to encode the video for storing and for client streaming. When operating as an HVR the Server has the ability to accept and store streams from all supported IP based video encoding devices simultaneously with capture card streams. When operating as an NVR the Server doesn't need any specialized hardware, like capture cards, creating an efficient system design.
The Server application facilitates the communication between the Client software and the video encoding devices when viewing Live Preview, and the mass storage when viewing Playback. Once network connectivity is established the Server is designed to be a headless server where everything is done from the Client and CMS applications.