Golden Spoon

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When people think frozen yogurt, they think Golden Spoon! As a result, they are now the premier brand of soft-serve frozen yogurt in Southern California, and sell more yogurt there than any other frozen yogurt or ice cream chain. They currently have over 100 stores open and expect to have 110 stores by the end of 2010. Next to being one of the original pioneers of the frozen yogurt industry, their proudest accomplishment has been their ability to turn frozen yogurt into a viable, long-term niche.

Pacific Yogurt Partners, LLC is expanding their franchise operation in the Bay Area. "We were looking for a digital recorder that could archive high quality video of our day to day operations for 13 months and be simple to operate, allowing my managers to use it as a tool." -David Vered, President & CEO Pacific Yogurt Partners, LLC.

They chose an 8 channel h.264 Hardware compression hybrid DVR, installing 7 high resolution dome cameras and one 2 Megapixel camera for the counter and register area. Rick Phan from Surveillance Systems Integration said: "The installation and programming has been made easier thanks to an excellent technical support on the part of Unisight." Using the professional software platform they are able to view all of their franchise stores under the same User Interface, and restrict access to local manager to see only the stores under their region. While security was the motivation behind installing the Unisight system, Vered says they also use the cameras to improve efficiency, as a training vehicle and to protect against liability.

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