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  • Is tech support free or available to me?

    That depends on who you are. Our support model is based on who purchased the license from Unisight. If you are an end-user you will receive support from the integrator or distributor that you purchased your system from. If you are an integrator or distibuter that purchased the system from Unisight than you are eligible for free technical support from our staff.

  • Can Unisight remotely access my DVR Server to assist in troubleshooting?

    Yes, this is done through the Unisight Remote Support application platform. When you run the application on your DVR Server it will display a connection number that you must relay to your Unisight Support Technician.
    Note: due to commercial use restrictions, Unisight cannot utilize applications such as Team Viewer and Log Me In to remotely access your DVR Server.

  • Why are there black bars on the top/bottom of the video feeds?

    The Client application now has the ability to display the original aspect ratio of the video feeds. This feature will not scale the video and will not produce any distortion effects. You can always choose to scale the video and stretch to fit by toggling the Client Setup -> Advanced -> Keep Image Aspect Ratio feature.

  • Why can't I install a printer on the DVR Server?

    The DVR Server uses a custom engineered operating system. The system level components that are needed for printing can cause stability and security risks within the system and thus were removed in order to have a more reliable DVR Server. Please use the Client application on a Client PC for all your printing needs.

  • Why can I do a Manual Recording but not a Scheduled Recording?

    Start by verifying that the system is registered successfully. Now set the correct date and time on the system and start the Server application.

  • What are the default port numbers used by the DVR Server?

    Port 80 is used for the Web Client and port 8000 is used for the Client Application, UDP port 7999 is used for PTZ control (if applicable).

  • What are the default port numbers used by the Streaming Proxy?

    Port 8003, port 9003, port 8089 and port 8554 are all required by the Gateway.exe application.

  • Why does the PC speaker beep when I open the Client software?

    The PC speaker beeps because you do not have enoug free space on your HDD, simply free up HDD space and the speaker will stop beeping. Alternatively you can enter the Client Setup on the Record tab and change the Minimal Disk Space (not recommended) or set the Video File Path to a different logical partition.

  • What steps do I take to upgrade DVR software?

    Start by creating a backup copy of your REG folder and your Config Files folder and leave the old installation alone (always good to have a backup!). When installing the new version it is recommended to add the version number to the end of the installation directory. After installation copy the REG folder to the new installation and be sure to check the registration and ensure that it is registered successfully. Now simply go into Setup and configure the new version.
    Note that you may copy the Config Files folder to the new version but due to different and new features between versions this usually causes more problems than the time it saves by using the old configuration.

  • Under the Color/Motion tab what does the Sensitivity number mean?

    The Sensitivity levels set how how much motion is needed to trigger a motion based event, such as Motion Recording. The lower the number the more sensitive the motion detection is. 1 is the most sensitive, 100 is the least sensitive. The standard practice here is to start with a low number, say 2. If the DVR Server records too often, raise the sensitivity level.

  • All channels for Live Preview on the DVR Server are gray, what happened?

    You have attempted to login and failed authentication 3+ times and the video feeds have been removed as an added layer of security until the correct username and password are typed in.
    Ensure that Write Combining is enabled on your video card.

  • What version of DVR software am I running?

  • Where can I find the DVR Server serial number?

    For the rackmount chassis the serial number is located just inside the front panel door on the bottom right and will start with TZH (hybrid servers start with UNS). Note that on older DVR Servers the serial number will be on the back next to the PSU.

  • When I try to do a backup to a compact disc I see that there is 0mb of free space on the blank CD/RW but don't I need more free space?

    When you insert a blank CD/RW into the CD/RW drive there is no partition table to read since the CD/RW has not been written to yet. Simply select the Save button. If there is not enough free space you will receive a notice window indacting more space is required.

  • When I try to do a backup from the DVR Client application the progress stays at 0% and says Waiting, how long do I have to wait?

    Check the Label field and ensure that there are only letters and numbers - no special characters. Verify that the DVR Server application and the DVR Client application are the same version number.

  • When I try to do a backup from the DVR Server/Client why does it only create the _Player folder?

    You have special characters in the Label field during the backup process. Only letters and numbers are acceptable for the Label field.


  • Why does my anti-virus software detect a potential threat from the DVR Server?

    The Web Client plugin for Internet Explorer is sometimes detected as a threat. Here is what is really happening: The Web Client plugin (TCVideo.exe) is an ActiveX control that installs locally on the Client PC and sends/receives data with a remote server (the DVR Server). This behavior is sometimes flagged as a threat in some anti-virus applications.

  • Why doesn't the Live Video Preview display properly when using IE8?

    This is an issue with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 browser not correctly translating ActiveX controls and must be fixed by Microsoft. Downgrade to IE6/7.

  • Can I synchronize the time on my DVR Server?

    The Enterprise platform offers a fully featured Advanced Unit time synchronization system that can grab the time from any external NTP Server and securely push it to the front end DVR Servers. For the Standard and Professional platforms you must configure each front end DVR to pull from an external NTP Server. If you are utilizing an embedded DVR you can synchronize the DVR Server time to the DVR Client time by using the Time Sync button on the Remote Control.

  • Why can I only see today's recordings from the DVR Client?

    The Unisight Client utilizes an advanced method of bandwidth management. Please use the Remote button to add more recording days to grab from the DVR Server.

  • What is a Watchdog and what does it do?

    A Watchdog has two functions. First it acts as an RS-485 to RS-232 converter. The other function is a hardware based failsafe. The Watchdog receives a heartbeat signal from the DVR Server application every 30 seconds. If this heartbeat signal is not received (due to DVR Server application lockup, Windows lockup, or any system lockup) the Watchdog will restart the DVR Server, the DVR Server application will initialize and start recording again.

  • How do I forward a port through a router to the DVR Server's IP address to make the DVR Server available outside the LAN?

    Refer to device manufacturer's documentation.

  • What do the different Recording Status Indicator Light colors on the PC based DVR Server signify?

  • How do I find the serial numbers of the capture card(s) or the IP cameras?

    The serial number of the capture card or IP camare that Unisight registers is a unique identifier for each encoding device and can be different than the serial number provided by the encoding device's manufacturer. First the capture card or IP camera has to be connected with the Server software, then you can extract the serial number from the REG folder. Open the REG folder after you have run the Server.exe application at least once. In the REG folder you will find a _UNREGISTERED.txt file. This text file will display only the unregistered serial numbers. There will also be *.id file(s). The *.id file will list the serial number even if the capture card is registered.

  • Why does my Client connect to random channels when I am in Live Remote Preview?

    Each channel that is detecting motion will automatically connect to the Client. To disable this feature go into the Client Setup and select the Advanced tab. Select the Global Alarm Actions button and highlight Motion. Uncheck the Connect Video check box.

  • Why is the Windows Media Player MPK Plugin so large?

    The Unisight platform supports many different video encoding devices, each of these devices can use different methods of decoding the video for playback rendering. To be compatible with all these devices the Unisight Windows Media Player MPK Plugin contains all the necessary files for playback from each of the supported video processing devices.

  • What is the Username or Password?

    There are many different places that may ask you for a username and/or password. Possible combinations are:

  • Are there any special character restrictions?

    Yes, some special characters are not allowed in certain fields:
    Channel name restricted characters: ,
    Backup label field restricted characters: \ / : * ? " < > |
    Installation directory restricted characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

  • What are all these install options when I run the Unisight installer package?

    The install options will correspond to the various components of the Unisight software suite. It is recommened to always install all components, this method of installation prevents a missing component situation when using features which use that component. For example if you didn't check the Device Option for ONVIF you would not be able to connect to ONVIF cameras and would have to re-install the Unisight software again in order to install that component.

  • In the Matrix Control what are the Public Views?

    A Public View corresponds to a grid square on the Public Monitor. Example:

  • Why can't I use remote software such as LogMeIn or RDP?

    They are not compatible with the Unisight software suite and should not be used:
    LogMeIn uses a video mirror driver and video acceleration that interferes with the display of the Server's Live Preview, this behavior is not compatible with the Unisight software suite and can cause a Video Preview Starting Error. When disconnecting from the remote system LogMeIn will log out of the current Windows session, this behavior is not compatible with the Unisight software suite and can cause the Server to stop recording.
    RDP will allow you to login to a session on the remote system, this behavior is not compatible with the Unisight software sutie and can cause the Server to stop recording.

  • Why do I get a solid white or gray screen when trying to run the Unisight CMS?

    Please update Adobe Flash for IE. Be sure that the Client is not running as it must be launched after the CMS has opened.

  • What is the difference between a motion, mask and blind area?

    A motion area means that a motion alarm is generated when pixels change within the designated are. A mask area means there will be a black box on both Live Preview and Playback in the desired area. A blind area means that if this area is obstructed from view then a blind alarm is generated. Please note that not all video encoding devices support all of these features.

  • What is this NSIS Error I get during software installation?

    The NSIS Error is a self-check that has failed. This means that the installer file has been altered from its original form. This is often caused by anti-virus software, malware/viruses, browser settings, download accelerators and corrupt downloads.

  • Why is pressing the restart button so dangerous?

    The restart button is your LAST resort and is referred to as a 'hard restart'. The restart button doesn't actually cut power to the system, it sets the processor's reset pin to the ground state. This clears all NMI's (non-maskable interrupts) and forces a cold boot on the server. The restart button instantly cuts off all active I/O to the hard drive(s) and causes data corruption.

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