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Data Center Server
The Data Center is the central component of the Unisight Enterprise platform. The Data Center server bridges the connection between the Enterprise Client and the Enterprise CMS applications. Once the Unisight Client is connected to the Data Center, it will detect and diplay all configured video processing devices on the Node Tree. Centralized management allows the Data Center to grant access to all of the devices. Connecting the Enterprise CMS to the Data Center provides full control over scalable multi-site / multi-unit surveillance systems. Using the Enterprise CMS you can easily setup and configure everything in your Enterprise platform including: Digital Matrix, DVR/NVR Servers, Global Users and Streaming Proxy Servers.
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Digital Matrix Server
The Unisight Digital Matrix is a powerful and versatile video wall solution. It utilizes a Digital Matrix Server which connects all of your display devices and manages them through the Enterprise CMS. Your virtual display wall can be easily managed and controlled through the Enterprise CMS. Choose from multiple grid configurations on each monitor, personalize channel schemes for manual or scheduled loading, customize channel rotation on a single or multiple monitors or dynamically switch what you see when you need to see it.
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CMS Station
The Enterprise CMS system is a dual monitor system that provides complete control of the surveillance system infrastructure. Which includes, main Client operation functionality - Live View, Playback and Backup. Operators can act independently or in tandem to address multiple simultaneous alarm events. The secondary monitor provides supervisors with a very powerful configuration and control interface. An alternate use of the second monitor is its ability to dsiplay live view and playback video increasing the operator's scene awareness.
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Storage Center Server
The Enterprise Storage Center integrates a highly reliable hardware architecture and our powerful software to ultimately provide a rock-solid surveillance and storage platform for IP based installations. The NVR systems are capable of recording up to 512 IP channels at 30fps per channel, and preview each individual channel independently. Professional or Enterprise NVR Server software and the full-featured NVR Client software included..
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