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SouRCe™ Design
The advanced design of the Unisight VMS architecture is highly modular in nature. This unique modularization approach solves many of the most critical challenges in the surveillance industry today in regards to Scalability, Reliability, and Customizability, ie SouRCe.

Scalability: Each feature pack in the Unisight VMS platform is encapsulated within an individual module. You only need to run the necessary modules for your individual surveillance deployments - thus reducing system resource requirements and minimizing your installation footprint. This reduces the total cost of ownership by keeping hardware costs down and maintenance to a minimum. As the need for larger and more feature rich installations progress, you can simply build on the basic Unisight VMS modules and scale out from there. From small to large, the Unisight VMS is designed to give you what you need.

Reliability: Bypassing the standard paradigm of all-in-one applications, the Unisight VMS modules allow you to eliminate single point of failure bottlenecks. Running multiple VMS modules in parallel is the best practice for critical system functions which provides HA (High Availability) when needed. A major design flaw afflicting many competing VMS bundles is to build in failover to the low-level applications themselves, but what if there's a problem with the OS or another piece of software? The design engineers at Unisight have solved this by elevating the redundancy to the correct controller - not the last link in the chain, aka the VMS app, but rather the host OS itself, this bit of advanced engineering lets you run clusters of VMS hypervisors to protect against physical, logical, and communication anomalies.

Customizability: You may be familiar with procedures like step 1, step 2, etc. to configure a feature, however, the Unisight VMS platform diverges from the industry standard of linear configuration. We offer a virtual toolbox of modules that you can mix and match to create regular reactions or truly unique functionality not possible in any other platform. With the experience that Unisight has gained in all manners of industry we can make sure you meet all requirements and comply with necessary regulations.