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Full name is the OPC OLE for Process Control, it was a Windows-based applications and on-site process control applications to establish a bridge. In the past, data from field devices to access information, each application software developers need to write specific interface functions. Because of the wide range of field devices, and the escalation of the product, users and software developers tend to bring a huge workload. Usually this can not meet the actual needs, system integrators and developers urgently need a high efficiency, reliability, openness, interoperability Plug and Play device drivers. In this case, OPC standard came into being. OPC standard to Microsoft's OLE technology, its development by providing a set of standard OLE / COM interface found in OPC technology is used in OLE 2 technology, OLE standards allowing exchange of documents between multiple computer, graphics and other objects. And OPC via DCOM technology standards, can create an open, interoperable control system software. OPC uses client / server model, the task of developing access interface hardware manufacturer or a third party on the manufacturers to form the OPC server to the user, solve software and hardware vendors contradiction to complete the system integration, improve the system openness and interoperability. OPC server typically supports two types of access interfaces, they are a different programming language environment provides access mechanism. These two interfaces are: Automation Interface (Automation interface); custom interface (Custom interface). Automation interfaces are usually based scripting language for the definition of standard interface, you can use VisualBasic, Delphi, PowerBuilder and other programming language to develop OPC server client application. The custom interface is designed for C + + and other high-level programming language to develop a standard interface. OPC has become the industry default system interconnect solution for industrial control programming is made easier, users do not have the problem for the protocol and distressed. Any automation software solutions provider, if it can not support the full range of OPC, are bound to be eliminated by history.